15 Things I Learned on Facebook

Ideally, I should be living in Spain

even though, at heart, I am French.

My feet are Greek, making me either athletic or creative —

one who leaps before she looks.

There is a place called Meat Camp, North Carolina.

Home Depot’s CEO has explained poverty to the pope and

Hobby Lobby is helping women find their place: the 19th century.

I am a laid-back, progressive parent.

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If I were a flower,

I’d be a sunflower.

My aura is


I have perfect

color perception.

Great balls of fire,

I am Scarlett O’Hara!

When it comes to words

I am a “Voracious Vocabulary Viper!”

If you want to write a tear-jerker:

a good death scene helps.

Shakespeare should write

my life story.

I am a thinker.

I see a world of possibilities.

(reference: Home Depot CEO, Hobby Lobby, Meat Camp, NC; #thingsILearnedonFacebook)