Author: Avery

Signs of the Times

This street sign, just a few blocks away from where I’m writing today, pinpoints my location better than any GPS tracker. The past three years

Novel Gazing

Writing today is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle when all the pieces are white. And let me tell you, they are not pre-sorted as

Swinging For The Fences

MAYBE because I read everything sports columnist Jason Gay writes, or maybe it’s seeing Cam Newton back in a Panther’s jersey, but for whatever reason,

Salvation – Story About the Story

A conversation with Jaki Shelton Green, NC Poet Laureate, Abigail DeWitt, Avery Caswell, and Earthell Latta. “As Earthell says, the book is really a story

A Story About A Story

Meet my friend Earthell Latta. When she first approached me at the Davidson-Cornelius Day Care seventeen years ago and asked me to write her story,

Dude Wipes & Other Distractions

It’s all Amelia’s fault. When my wickedly witty mentee told me about Dude Wipes, flushable wipes for on-the-go “shituations” packaged in manly shades of charcoal

Dirty Laundry

Mid-May, after a week of torrential downpours, it rained inside my house. Our 12-year-old washer flooded the kitchen, not once but twice; the second time

Shaken & Stirred

The term 20/20 used to mean perfect vision, as in no spectacles required. The year 2020 has been nothing but a spectacle. I’m not talking