Loose Ends

3/11/17. Two days ago, it was over 70º and this morning, there was more than an inch of snow on the ground. Had T. S. Eliot

What If?

So it was my birthday this week, which got me thinking about how I could make this year special. A few years ago, a local

Super CAM-Tastic Cookies

If you’re rooting for the Panthers, here’s a recipe for “Super CAM-Tastic Cookies” to include in your Super Bowl party spread. With a combination of

Groan Up Children

Scanning radio stations during a recent road trip, I heard a public radio host introduce the author of When Will My Grown Up Child Grow

15 Things I Learned on Facebook

Ideally, I should be living in Spain even though, at heart, I am French. My feet are Greek, making me either athletic or creative —